"Grain First" in the Ingredient List

“Grain First” in Dry Dog and Cat Food (Kibble)

Why grain first?

We realize there are many opinions on whether grains are good for dogs and cats. Frankly, an extruded product (dry dogfood) uses the grain starches to bind the rest of the ingredients together. Lab analysis of grain shows more protein than a lot of people want to accredit them. Especially, Canadian-grown spring wheat. Yellow corn is a tremendous source of non-fat energy.

Local ingredients. Affordable. Dependable.

We run a family farm, growing grain and feeding it to our livestock. Through the years, we have learned what is the most cost efficient and beneficial for animal and knowing where the ingredients come from is important to us. By using our own grain, we know the nutrition of the soil it’s grown in, how it grew, how it was harvested and how it was stored until production. We trust our own grain because we “know it”. With this knowledge and experience was born the idea to use our farm-raised ingredients to offer you and your pet an affordable, local product.

Professional help.

We have worked with a professional nutritionist for years who advises us on what is the best for the animals we raise. Her advice and recommendations have been invaluable to us. 

Ingredient list. Order is nothing. Quantity is everything.

Of course, ingredients are listed in order from the highest content to the lowest. Numerous pet food companies list a protein first but then spread out four different kinds of grains (e.g. 100+100+100+100 =400). By doing this, they have smaller portions of grain which add up to a big portion and their protein content, in most cases, is low. In our ingredient list, we have two grains (200+200=400) and animal protein is third in the line up. We knew that animal protein listed first is important to many pet parents when we developed our products, but we felt it was more important to use our two trusted, local grains than to purchase from an unknown source to skew the ingredient order. 

Look at the numbers.

Our ingredients and kibble are analyzed, and the available nutrition is second to none. The labs don’t lie. Neither will we. We are confident in the quality of our Manitoba produced products