Chicken including bones


Chicken Including Bones

 Local, farm raised chicken is the staple ingredient in all our meatball meals and treats.  We have been raising chickens our whole life and understand that it is paramount that they get proper nutrition to grow properly.  All our chicken is raised cage-free in a climate controlled facility were they stay warm in the harsh Manitoba winters.  Our pets love the farm raised chicken and we are convinced that yours will too.  Out on the farm, they will consume the whole bird whenever they get a chance.  The high chicken inclusion rate ensures that your fur friend's carnivore instinct will be satisfied!

A rundown of our chicken including bone:

  • Local farm raised chicken.
  • High protein, lean, healthy meat with a complete amino acid profile.
  • Chicken is an excellent natural source of omega 3 and 6.
  • It's a natural source of many vitamins, especially vitamin B3 (niacin).
  • Chicken is a great source of minerals, especially high in selenium and zinc.
  • The ground bones have an almost perfect ratio of natural calcium to phosphorus.
  • Cartilage is a great natural source of glucosamine – for bone and joint health.