Why Our Ingredients?

We believe that by growing our own ingredients or having them grown by select producers, we are able to monitor and control their quality.  From our experience, we know that the final product is only as nutritious and fresh as the ingredients that go into the recipe.  Who of us uses brown veggies or expired meat in our kitchens and hopes that the prepared dish will be fresh and tasty? Nobody!!  Let's not settle for anything sub-par for our furry friends!
Please read up on each of our farm or locally sourced ingredients under the "Ingredients" menu on the homepage.
Here is a concise list of our ingredient criteria:
  • We believe in growing our ingredients in fertile soils and with balanced nutrition; knowing that premium growing conditions produce premium products.
  • Wherever possible, our ingredients are grown locally, by us or by carefully selected producers.
  • While there are a few ingredients in some of our products that we cannot source locally, those are only purchased from reputable sources with high quality control standards.
  • We believe in using science based knowledge to produce our ingredients, working together with agronomists and nutritionists who understand our goals.
  • While many pet food manufacturers buy basic economical ingredients from unknown growers and sources (many times through brokers) and then top up the nutritional shortfall with synthetically produced products, we understand that you, the costumer, are coming to us at the farm for quality ingredients.