Our Story

Growing up on the banks of the Whitemouth River in a small rural Manitoba community, I had many opportunities to interact and learn from nature and animals. I have many fond memories of playing with our cats and dogs on the farm, tramping through the woods, swimming and camping by the river, playing fetch with bat and ball, even keep away (yes, Pluto the black lab could run around carrying a basketball!). Reaching the youth years, my responsibilities grew to include tending to the hogs, choring the chickens, and helping on the fields. I got involved with making their feed and soon realized the importance of proper nutrition and quality ingredients. Through that, my interest in nutrition and alimentation was born. I realized that just like us humans, the animals and pets in our care need a balanced diet that includes all the proteins, minerals, fats, and vitamins essential to grow and maintain healthy bodies. I also realized that it is nigh impossible to be assured that ingredients are free from harmful molds and toxins when purchased from unknown suppliers.
My wife, Theresa, grew up in the same rural farming community as I did with a greater love for nature than I have. She was raised on the banks of the same river, enjoying the great outdoors alongside her families pets. We married in 2002 and are blessed with four children; three girls and one boy. We continue the multi-generation tradition of farming and animal husbandry that stretches back to 19th century Europe. Our interest in nature, quality ingredients, and animals has not diminished over the years.
As we all know, plants can only harvest the minerals and nutrients that are available to them in the soil. Therefore, I understand the importance of supplying the correct nutrients to the plants via the soil to produce wholesome ingredients. We have a vision of environmentally sustainable agriculture, where we strive to maintain healthy soils so that the land will remain fertile for the next generations.
This pet food venture is a new one for us, but we feel confident that we have the resources and team in place to bring the best of nature to your fur family. With our extensive background in pets, nutrition, and raising and selecting quality ingredients, we ask that you trust us in bringing the best from field to the table. Just like nature intended!