Ostlund Falls Company Mission Statement

Take the Farm to You and Your Pet

Let me explain how this vision was born.

My wife and I both grew up on a farm in a rural community, not realizing at the time what a privilege that was.  Enjoying nature and wildlife such as bears, wolves, foxes, eagles, butterflies, hummingbirds, etc.  As we grew older, we become cognizant of the fact that many don't have that privilege.

Like most Canadians, our ancestry lived in rural settings where everybody had a garden, a few animals for fresh eggs, milk, and meat. A place where pets could run free, explore, and eat fresh food just like their host family.  With the urbanization that has been happening in the last few generations, the current setting for most people is vastly different.  My wife, children, and I are thankful to be able to continue the rural living tradition.

While we realize for most people the days of letting the pets run free on the farm are past, we cherish the opportunity to bring the farm freshness to you.  While it is not possible to source all the ingredients on our farm, we will use as many ingredients as possible that are grown locally, by us or by carefully selected producers.  Please read each product's description and the ingredients for more info.

Nature Speaks. We Interpret.